House System

A vertical House System complements the Tutorial System. Houses meet regularly to take part in competitions and events, which provide a broad range of opportunities for healthy competition and the development of a team spirit.

There are four houses – Dukes, Judges, Masters and Vice-Chancellors. Each house has approximately a quarter of the school population, and it is traditional that siblings are always allocated to the same house, maintaining the "family atmosphere". Staff are also allocated to a house and may involve themselves in the running of house activities as well as supporting major house events.

Each house is able to pursue its own identity, but with the overall responsibility for direction being in the hands of the Head of House. Pupils, particularly seniors, are encouraged to take on responsibilities within the house and these include: preparations for house presentations; any group meeting activities as required, and the organisation of inter house competitions. The input of the Head of House is one of active encouragement in trying to create a sense of belonging, inspiring sportsmanship and collective responsibility.

House Meetings take place on various Fridays during each term and are used for organising teams, making important announcements or simply having some fun. In addition all four houses have made regular contributions to local charity efforts at Christmas and this complements the work of the school’s Charity committee.

Inter House competitions are run throughout the academic year and culminate in the award of the Midland Bank Cup, for overall winners, at Speech Day. Currently competitions are run in: Rugby, Hockey, Drama, Music, Chess, Soccer, Cricket, Tennis, Karaoke, Netball, General Knowledge, Badminton, Athletics, Swimming and Computer Gaming. However, we are always looking for new possible contests so there may well be more in the future.