Meet our People



Academic Staff


C.P.M. King, M.A. (Dunelm), Geography

Deputy Head (Academic)

J.W. Rich, B.A. (Cardiff), History

Deputy Head (Pastoral)

Mrs. A.M. Ewington, M.A. (Nottingham) C.Biol., MSB., Biology


Academic Staff

  • Miss. R.E. Adams, B.A. (Italia Conti Academy), Drama
  • Dr. S.W. Ainge, B.Sc., Ph.D (Newcastle), C.Chem, F.R.S.C., Head of Chemistry
  • Miss. E.S. Allcoat, B.Sc. (Bristol), Physics
  • T.P. Allen, B.A. (Kent), History; Politics; Head of Sixth Form
  • D.J. Armitage, B.A. (Oxon: St Hughes), M.A., PhD. (Nottingham), Biology
  • J.M. Barker, B.Mus, M.Mus (Royal College of Music), Assistant Director of Music; Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Mrs. A.C. Barre, B.A. (Birmingham), French
  • Mrs. J.A.P. Barrow, B.Ed (Liverpool), Textiles, Design & Technology
  • Dr. D.D. Boyce, MPhys (Lancaster), PhD (Leicester) CPhys MinstP , Physics
  • W.D. Burns, B.Sc. (Edinburgh Napier), Design & Technology
  • Mrs. A.J. Button, B.A. (Loughborough), Physical Education
  • Mrs. C. Calland, B.A. (De Montfort), Physical Education
  • Mrs. J.R. Carr, B.A. (Roehampton), Head of Religious Studies
  • Miss. Z. Carter, B.Sc. (Leicester), Mathematics; Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Mrs. C.E. Charles, BTh. (Cantab: Selwyn), Learning Support
  • Miss. M.J. Clapham, BA.(Hons), M.B.A.Ed, PGC:SpLD (Leicester), PGC:SENCO (Northampton), SpLD APC and TPC (Patoss), Head of Learning Support
  • Mrs. P. Clare, B.Sc. (Leicester), M.Sc (Imperial College), Biology; PSD Co-ordinator
  • F.W. Clayton, B.A. (Wolverhampton), Religious Studies
  • P. Cox, B.Sc. (Wales: University College of Wales), Biology; Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Miss. L. Crampton, M.Eng. (Hull), Design and Technology, ICT; Staff Development Officer
  • Dr. D.M. Crawford, M.A., D.Phil (Oxon: Jesus), M.Ed. (Bristol), M.A. Ed. (O.U.) M.Sc. (O.U.), Head of Mathematics
  • Mrs. A.J. Davies, M.A. (De Montfort), Art
  • G.D. Davies, M.A. (De Montfort), Head of PE and Games
  • Mrs. K.R. Douglas, B.A. (Liverpool), French, Italian & EAL
  • A.N. Duffield, B.Sc. (Wales: University College of Wales, Cardiff), C.Biol, MSB, Head of Biology
  • H.A. Ellis, B.Sc. (Loughborough), Physical Education
  • K. Esmail, B.A. (Portsmouth), Economics
  • Dr. S.L. Ewers, B.Sc., Ph.D. (Bristol), Biology
  • Mrs. S.M. Faire, B.Sc. (Surrey), Mathematics, Maths Learning Support
  • Dr. C.H. Fearon, B.Sc. (Liverpool), Ph.D. (Birmingham), Biology; AQA Baccalaureate EPQ Centre Co-ordinator for Enrichment Programme
  • Mrs. H.T. Feasey, B.A. (Stellenbosch, South Africa), Geography
  • T.E. Fishpool, B.A. (Newcastle), Geography   
  • Miss. N.J. Fletcher, B.A. (Dunelm), M.Ed. (Cantab: Homerton), French and Italian; Head of Year 7
  • Dr. K.L. Fulton, B.Sc. (Dunelm), PhD. (Nottingham), Biology
  • C.I.J. Gilham, B.A. (London), Classics
  • Miss. E. Graff-Baker, M.A. (Oxon: Queens), Music
  • Mrs. A.L. Griffin, B.A. (Essex), M.A. (Loughborough), Head of Drama
  • Dr. J.M. Griffin, M. A. (Cantab: Fitzwilliam), Deputy Head of English; Theatre Studies
  • P.M.  Handford, M.A. (Oxon: Queen´s), Chemistry
  • Mrs. W.E. Harvey, B.A. (Loughborough College of Art & Design), Head of Design & Technology
  • Ms. S. Haywood, B.Ed. (Worcester College) B.A. (O.U.), Art
  • Dr. A. Higginson, M.Phil (Essex), Physics 
  • Mrs. M. Higginson, B.Ed, M.A (Toronto), English; Editor of Leicestrian
  • Mrs. A.J. Hillier, B.A. (Nottingham), Religious Studies
  • Mrs. V. Hird, B.A. (Leicester), History
  • Miss. L. Howd, B.Sc. (East Anglia), Mathematics
  • C.W. Howe, B.Ed (C.N.A.A. Crewe & Alsager College), Director of Sport
  • Miss. N. Hughes, B.A. (London), English; Staff Induction & Teacher Training
  • J.T. Hunt, B.A. (Reading), English; AQA Baccalaureate & Extended Project Team Leader; Head of Sixth Form
  • Mrs. J. Hutchinson, B.Ed. (Durham), M.A.Ed (O.U), Physical Education; i/c Academic P.E; Mathematics
  • G. Inchley, B.Sc. (Hull), M.Sc. (Bristol), Deputy Head of Mathematics
  • R.A. Jacobs, B.Sc. (Leeds), B.A. (Open University), Mathematics
  • C.S. James, M. A. (Cantab: Girton), Mathematics, Director of Studies
  • Mrs. C.L. Jess, M.A. (Cantab: Gonville & Caius), French & Spanish; AQA Baccalaureate Taught Skills Programme Co-ordinator; Head of Year 11
  • Dr. A.J. Kendall, M.A., D.Phil (Oxon: Wadham and Linacre), Chemistry
  • Mrs. R.E. Kendall, B.A. (Dunelm), M.A. (Goldsmiths), English
  • R.W.S. Kidd, B.A., M.A. (Ulster), Head of English
  • A.T. King, M.Chem (Loughborough), Chemistry
  • Miss. J.L. Knight, B.A. (De Montfort), Art & Design
  • Mrs. N.L. Laybourne, B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc. (Loughborough), Physical Education
  • T.A Lemon, B.A. (Bedfordshire), Physical Education; Head of House – Masters
  • R.L. Longson, B.A. (Wales: The University College of Wales, Aberystwyth), Dip.C.G. (L.G.M.B, Swanley), M.C.D.I., Head of Career Development
  • D.M. Lupton, B.A. (Exeter), Deputy Head of Modern Languages
  • D.W. Maddock, B.A. (Bristol Polytechnic), M.A. (Leeds Polytechnic), Head of Art; AQA Baccalaureate VLE Co-ordinator
  • Sra. I. Manktelow, B.Sc. (Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico), Spanish
  • Sra. P. Matalobos, B.A., M.A. (Santiago dé Compestela), Spanish Assistant
  • Mrs. H.C. May, B.A. (Wales: University College of Wales, Aberystwyth), Head of Geography
  • D. McCann, B.Ed (Leicester), Physical Education
  • R.J. McLean, B.A. (Oxon: Lady Margaret Hall), Head of Classics
  • P. Moore-Friis, B.A. (De Montfort) PGDIP (Oxford), CIM DIP, Head of Economics, Young Enterprise Co-ordinator
  • Miss. J. Mould, B.Ed (Bedford College of HE), Head of Preparatory Department
  • N. Murray, B.Sc. (Imperial), M.A. (London), M.Sc. (Sheffield Hallam), Mathematics
  • Mrs. E.J. Nelson, B.A. (Northumbria), German
  • Mrs. E. Nisbet, B.Ed (Trent Polytechnic), Food Technology
  • Mrs. F. Paton, DEUG and Licence (Bordeaux), French
  • Miss. A.M. Patterson, B.Sc. (Sunderland Polytechnic), Chemistry; Head of House - Duke's; Community Service Co-ordinator
  • J.J. Peake, B.Sc. (Coventry University), Geography
  • Miss. L. Percy, B.A. (Derby), Graduate Sports Fellow
  • A.J. Picknell, B.A. (Manchester), M.A. (London), Head of History
  • D. Pilbeam, M.Chem (Nottingham), Chemistry; Examinations Officer
  • Mrs. K.G. Pollard, B.Sc. (Loughborough), Mathematics
  • L. Potter, Physical Education; Head of Year 8
  • R.J.K Preece, M.A. (Warwick), History and English
  • S.J.R. Radford, B.Sc. (Sheffield), Mathematics
  • P.T.G. Reeves, B.Sc. (Manchester), Head of Physics; Head of Science
  • Mrs. S.J. Sains, M.A. (Oxon: Lady Margaret Hall), Mathematics
  • Mrs. M. Sian, B.A. (Middlesex), Head of Information & Communications Technology and Computing
  • Miss. L.M. Sicard, B.A. (Sorbonne), French Assistant
  • Dr. A.E.M. Schofield, M.A., PhD (Manchester), Classics
  • Mrs. S. Stout, B.Sc. (Aston), Head of Modern Languages
  • T.A. Thacker, B.Ed.(C.N.A.A: Crewe & Alsager College), Physical Education; Head of Year 9
  • Mrs. J. Tompkins, B.A. (Leicester), Religious Studies; Head of Year 10
  • Dr. A. Vassilliou-Abson, B.A. (Athens), M.Phil, PhD (Birmingham), Classics; Charities Co-ordinator
  • J.R. Walker, B.A. (Warwick), Classics
  • Dr. D.M.T. Whittle, B.Mus., Ph.D (Nottingham) (BMus, PhD), Director of Music
  • D.R. Willis, B.Sc. (C.N.A.A: Portsmouth Polytechnic), Science; Senior Head of House, Head of House - Vice Chancellors
  • Ms. Y. Yau, B.A. (De Montfort), Extra Curricular Mandarin Chinese
  • Dr. S. Yeomans, M.A, PhD (Loughborough) Politics, Head of Politics; School Council Link Teacher

Support Staff

Business Director

  • Mrs. A. Shakespeare, M.A. (Cantab: Fitzwilliam) F.C.A.


  • L. Berry, Groundsman
  • Miss. N. Berry, Pool & Sports Technician
  • Ms. J. Bessell, Receptionist
  • Mrs. S. Brooks, Finance Assistant
  • Mrs. J.H. Carter, Music Department Administrator
  • Mrs. S. Cole, Laboratory Technician
  • Mrs. A. Dhesi, Food Technology Technician
  • Mrs. B. Dickens, Site Services
  • A.E. Duncombe, Security Officer
  • P. Durham, Security Officer
  • Miss. K. England, Database Co-ordinator
  • Revd. Canon. S. Foster, B.Mus.,B.A.,Ph.D., Chaplain
  • D. Foster-Bateman, Facilities Services Manager
  • R. Gill, B.Sc. (Hons), Senior IT Technician
  • J. Harvey, DT Technician
  • Mr. J. Hickens, IT Manager
  • Mrs. L. Hodgson, MAAT, Finance Assistant
  • M. Hood, Groundsman
  • Mrs. N.L. Hunt, B.A. (Hons), Head of Marketing (& LGS Admissions)
  • Mrs. P. Ingham, Assistant Librarian
  • Mrs. B. James, B.A. (Hons), Admin/Reprographics
  • C.M. Kilduff , Groundsman
  • Miss. S. Lister, PA to Headmaster and Business Director
  • Miss. J. McCarthy, Lifeguard
  • Mrs. L. Midgley, BSc. (Hons), DipLib MCLIP, Librarian
  • Mrs. A-M. Neal, Receptionist & Administrator
  • A. Needham, Site Services
  • Mrs. K. Noray, Financial Controller
  • Mrs. K. Obhi, Laboratory Technician
  • Mrs. N. Pankhania, B.A. (Hons), Exams Administrator
  • Mrs. M. Parmar, Finance Assistant
  • Mrs. E. Parsons, B.A. (Hons), HR Administrator
  • Mrs. J. Parsons, Dip HE in Nursing (Adult and Child), School Nurse
  • Mrs. R. Patel, Listener
  • E. Ramsden, Head Groundsman
  • Mrs. J. Rogers, BSc. (Hons), Laboratory Technician
  • P. Ryan, Head of Site Services
  • Ms. S. Shepherd, Academic Administrator
  • N. Spencer, Site Services
  • Mrs. H. Tedder, Laboratory Assistant
  • Mr. G. Wehemba, IT Technician
  • S. Young, B.Sc., Art Technician

Head Boy & Girl


Rahul Patel - 2017-2018

What subjects are you studying in the Sixth Form?
I am currently studying English Literature, History, Politics and History of Art, all subjects which I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoy.

What do you like to do outside of school?
I'm a keen runner and spend most of my time out and about. I always run each day after school and at the weekend I participate in Parkrun, a weekly timed race which takes place in city parks all across the world. I recently became a member of the National Youth Theatre and I’m an avid film-lover of both old and new cinema which has inspired me, from time to time, to create short films of my own. In between running, acting and filming, I’m always interested in current affairs, something that I not only enjoy, but also find hugely beneficial to my life at school. 

What do you want to do when you leave LGS?
History is a subject for which I have always had a great passion and is something that I would love to continue at university with the potential for later pursuing a career in law. Aside from work, at some point I’d like to run the London Marathon and I’m sure that my love of acting will always keep me ticking over to film auditions.

In the meantime, I’m trying to treasure each day at Leicester Grammar as my time at the school unfortunately draws to an end. By the end of my time here, I would have spent fifteen years of my life at the school, something for which I am truly grateful. 


Lucy Ring - 2017-2018

What subjects are you studying in the Sixth Form?
I am studying Maths, Physics, Geography and DT, I am also taking Further Maths to AS level.

What do you like to do outside of school?
Outside of school I play a lot of hockey, I am a member of Leicester Ladies Hockey Club and I have also represented both the county and the region. Another activity I enjoy is climbing, I regularly go to my local climbing wall and really enjoy the social element of the sport and meeting new people. I also play the violin and piano.

What do you want to do when you leave LGS?
I am going to take a gap year when I leave school and am really excited to travel. Currently, I am planning to go inter-railing around Europe, take a road trip through California and have a ski season in the French Alps.  After that I want to do a degree in Civil Engineering, possibly at Glasgow or Edinburgh University, and pursue a career in this area.