Non – EU applicants who are subject to UKVA sponsorship requirements

Leicester Grammar School has a sponsorship licence and welcomes applicants from overseas who wish to study for their A-levels. The current tuition fee payable for 2016-17 is £14,361. The tuition fee payable for the academic year 2017-18 will be £14,743. This fee is payable annually in advance prior to the first day of the Advent term and includes the sponsorship fee. 

The current cost of school lunches is £900 per annum. For 2017-18 the cost of school lunches will be £920. This amount will be included on the annual invoice and will then be available for the pupil to spend in the school refectory and the school cafe during the course of the year.

The registration fee for non-EU candidates is £300 (non-refundable).

A deposit of £1,000 is payable which will cover text books, non residential trips etc. The balance of any amount remaining will be returned at the end of the course.

Information for students from mainland China | PDF