The Grammar School last visited Tanzania in July 2016 with a party of sixth form pupils under the direction of Dr Boyce. It was the third time we will have visited the country and our sister school in Moshi.

The Headmaster first visited Pasua High school in 2010 the year that he climbed Kilimanjaro with his three sons James, Andrew and Henry who are all OLs. In completing the climb they raised several thousand pounds for charity some of which went to support Pasua High school and specifically helped to provide their first computers. Since 2010 a number of staff have visited the school to lend support and Henry King returned during his GAP year to teach there for an extended period. Two parties of Grammar School pupils have visited Pasua, painting and renovating the school as well as supporting lessons and teaching new skills. The experience has been far from one way as our pupils have learnt rudimentary Swahili, how different cultures can have a thirst for knowledge and how one can be happy with relatively few material possessions.

The schools catering facility has been very primitive and all the meals for the pupils are based around a diet of ugali. Ugali is a dish of maize flour, millet flour or Sorghum flour cooked with water to a porridge- or dough-like consistency. It is the most common staple starch featured in the local cuisines. This is cooked in large vessels with wood as the fuel to heat the vegetables that might be available with it. The need for a new cooking facility and dining hall was self-evident and as a result of the charitable fund raising efforts of the school the larger part of £50000 has been raised to construct this facility. The foundations of the building were dug in 2010 but nothing happened to progress the scheme until the funds from the Grammar school began to move the project forward. The photographs show how the project is now out of the ground and the walls are under construction. It is hoped it will be completed in 2016 and that the visit of the school party will coincide with the official opening to be attended by representatives of the Leicester Diocesan liaison group.

C. P. M. King, Headmaster