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Maths Resources

Recommended Apps

The following is a selection of apps you might find useful, though this is by no means an exhaustive list. Please do let us know of any other apps (iOS or Android) you find useful on . As with all apps and websites, please be aware of adverts and pop-ups. Some of these apps may offer in-app purchases, so make sure your settings are set appropriately.

10 Minutes a Day Times Tables
Brilliant app to help learn those tables. Also available on android.

Times Tables Quiz!
Basic multiple choice quizzes to develop tables knowledge. 

Squeebles Times Tables 2
One of the brilliant squeebles apps – teaches tables up to 12 with lots of mini-games and rewards. Buy all 7 squeebles apps for £9.99 – bargain! Also available on android. 

Ninja Factor
Based on Fruit Ninja. Use times tables knowledge to slice the correct numbers.

Maths Wiz
Mostly for KS2 – covers a wide range of number work.

Oh No Fractions!
For top end of juniors – compare, add and subtract fractions.

Number Pieces
Virtual Hundreds, Tens and Units blocks to help with homework.

Puffin Academy
A useful browser app, which enables you to use on any device. Also available on android.

Useful Websites

The following websites are really useful for improving mental maths skills.

Maths Magician

Maths Magician - Choose operation type and level – gives an exciting certificate at the end.

Bang on time

Bang on time - Fantastic for those who are struggling to tell the time.


Powerlines - Mathematical reasoning and addition skills.

Speed addition

Speed addition - Excellent mental addition.

Speed Subtraction

Speed Subtraction Just like speed addition, but with subtraction.

Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi - A reckless but fun game for practising multiples.

Maths Lines

Maths Lines - A game practising multiplication and division facts.


Woodlands A primary school site with lots of useful games.

Hit the Button

Hit the Button - An excellent site for practising multiples.

Who wants to be a mathionaire?

Who wants to be a mathionaire? - Mental maths version of Who wants to be a millionaire.

Written Methods

Year 3 Written Methods

Year 4 Written Methods

Year 5 Written Methods

Year 6 Written Methods